Since it’s the first month of the new, hopefully better year, (2016 didn’t actually happen. Just letting you know that now.) here’s a look at my January playlist on Spotify. Some of the artists I’ve been listening to, to kick off the new year include the usual vets, such as The Strokes and Vampire Weekend, but stretch out to some newer artists who are going to make your 2017 a year you want to remember. (*cough cough* 2016) Some newer artists I’ve been obsessed with over the course of about the first two weeks of the year include Glass Animals, Car Seat Headrest, and SWMRS. Glass Animals 2016 record includes 11 different songs, all surrounding the stories of different humans you meet throughout life. It really gives you a look into the minds of others and gives you a sense of how it feels to be a particular person, and act a certain way. Car Seat Headrest, I literally discovered today. They seem cool and have a pretty interesting name that can’t help but make me think of a Toyota commercial. Lastly, SWMRS has some of the most catchy tunes I’ve ever heard. Don’t let the missing vowels fool you, because there is nothing missing in this band’s music! I’ve been listening to them for about a week and already have most songs off the latest record memorized. Each song is sure to be stuck in your head! Lastly, I can’t forget to include the two newest singles from my favorite singer/songwriter, Ed Sheeran. The earworms are bound to hold your (un)divided attention.

More music will be added throughout the month, so check out the playlist while it’s hot!

Playlist Link:

Spotify Username: megan102596 (follow for similar playlists each month and check out this past year’s playlists too!)




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