1. You meet some amazing people while waiting for the doors to open! (It makes the endless wait a little more bearable.) jzc9UkS.gif
  2. Awesome merch (Yes, they sell socks. The epitome of cool.) giphy.gif
  3. The opening acts (aka Judah and the Lion and Jon Bellion) tumblr_lgqwsbEa891qfjmnk.gif
  4. Recreating iconic Tyler and Josh photos guess-the-song-twenty-one-pilots-edition-02.jpg
  5. Making bets with your friends, based on what time you think each act will come out raw.gif
  6. That little buzzing noise you seemingly can’t escape, before TØP hit that stage d33578f62746935184d3ee9395744841.gif
  7. Still… that darn buzzing noise is going off. I JUST WANT TYLER AND JOSH!!! What-Is-Going-On-Selena-Gomez-Gif.gif
  8. That exhilarating moment when the arena goes dark and you know the moment you’ve been waiting for is about to happen          url.jpg
  9. When the curtain drops and you see Tyler and Josh for the first time (Yes they are real. Yes, they do exist)              raw.gif
  10. Josh Dun (IN THE FLESH)    what-is-air-colbert.gif
  11. Tyler Joseph (IN THE FLESH)     what-is-air-colbert.gif
  12. Having friends to be in complete shock with (I promise pals, this IS real life)   url.jpg
  13. The mini heart attack you get seconds before Josh does his backflip off the piano (It is my motherly instinct to protect the precious drummer. I gotchu, Tyler)      url-2.jpg
  14. Watching Tyler gracefully jump off the piano, as if he has been a classically trained ballerina for the past 20 years     tenor.gif
  15. Those little moments when the lyrics hit you, and every work resonates with who you are, or were at one point in your life   gFMhf.gif
  16. Having a safe place to share incredible music with others     bands-dorks-gif-music-Favim.com-3866651.gif
  17. Tyler and his uke ( you might already play six instruments, like me, but they will make you want to pick up another one)    tumblr_mzq70qwLuD1qegu3bo1_500.gif
  18. The Josh Dun vs. Josh Dun drum battle (It’s literally mind blowing!)   tumblr_ninb2vQnSj1u72t11o1_500.gif
  19. Screaming the lyrics so loud that you wake up in the morning sounding like an 80 year old, named Martha, who smokes 6 packs a day    url.jpg
  20. Those special moments, when you take in what is happening and get chills  url-2.jpg
  21. And finally, because nothing will be able to TØP this!   url-1.jpg

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