The first question may seem like the easiest question of them all, but for me, it’s actually the hardest. Asking a person who spends every waking moment searching for new artists to listen to, like it is their job, (if only, am I right?) is basically like asking someone who their favorite Freaks and Geeks character is. It’s practically impossible to choose.

To answer the question, I’ve decided to include my all time favorite song, as well as my current favorite song for this day, February 11, 2017. Odds are pretty high that I will have a different favorite song tomorrow.


For my all time favorite song, I am going to have to go with “Bohemian Rhapsody”, by Queen. It’s practically everybody’s favorite song, but they just don’t realize it. I remember exactly when, where, and how I became obsessed with Queen. I was a 9 year old loser, on a 7 hour drive to New Hampshire for a family vacation. My dad had left a “Queen’s Greatest Hits” CD in the car, which I put into my CD player, as we did back in the day. (2005) Although “Bohemian Rhapsody” was not on this particular CD, I did my fair share of listening to some other iconic Queen songs. I remember making my entire family listen to the disc with me at one point of the road trip. Being the obnoxious 9 year old child I was, I made them put “Bicycle Race” on repeat. It was played so many times, that my sister started crying, because she couldn’t stand to hear the song any longer. (The moment that jumpstarted our sibling rivalry)

My parents proceeded to show me other songs by Queen, including “Bohemian Rhapsody.” I can’t think of a better song to sing with your friends, while driving around. To me, it is the greatest song ever written. Completely genius. The song has the ability to take you on a journey of various genres. It is also one of the very few songs, which does not feature a chorus. Tension is created through various modulations and changes in time signature, leaving the listener consistently guessing what will come next. Of course, we can’t forget about those incredible harmonies. DEAR GOD, FREDDIE!

Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for:




For my current favorite song, I’ve got to go with “Love and Great Buildings,” off of the brand new Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness album, “Zombies On Broadway.” I was just listening to the new album while doing some homework yesterday, and this song really stuck out. I’m not really too sure why, but it probably has something to do with how visual the music is. Just give it a single listen, and see for yourself… literally.



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