Today is a sad topic… literally… the question is about a song that makes you sad. For most people, I feel like there is a song, or multiple songs, that remind you of something that changed your life. For me, a song that makes me sad is “Goner,” by Twenty One Pilots. For those of you who are Twenty One Pilots fans, you know that “Goner” is the last song on the Blurryface album. At first, it features soft piano, almost ballad-like. As the song progresses and we near the 3 minute mark, that gentle piano tune gets a drastic change. Say hello to that schizophrenic, spoken-word, emo rap, ukulele hip hop you love. This song may the epitome of why Twenty One Pilots cannot be labeled.

The opening words of the song are, “I’m a goner.” Throughout this song, this line is constantly referenced. The song is about fighting your inner demons, losing hope, and ultimately dying. Towards the end, Tyler starts to say, “Don’t let me be gone,” which he then continuously screams. A possible shoutout for someone to save him, but who will it be?  God, a family member, a friend, music?

Give this tune a listen here and stay alive, my friends |-/


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