Hey guys! I did not have a chance to post yesterday, because I’ve been super busy, so today will be a combination post.

The theme for day six is a song that reminds you of somewhere. For me, I’m going to throw it back a little bit here, and go with Bruce Springsteen’s classic, “Jersey Girl.” Being born and raised in Jersey, if you don’t grow up listening to Bruce, your parents probably weren’t born and raised here. His music is a right of passage.

This song just happens to remind me of where I come from. It makes me think about those Sunday nights in early summer, spent down at the Jersey shore, playing arcade games, riding rollercoasters, which were basically death traps, and eating pizza with my family. It also reminds me of those days just spent outside, barbecuing with family and friends as classic rock tunes, by some of Jersey’s finest played in the background. Lastly, I do have to add that this song sure does make me miss home! Take me back to Jersey!

Give it a listen:


Day 7: A song that reminds you of a certain event

Now this is the hardest one yet! My mind keeps taking me back to the many concerts I have been lucky enough to attend within my short 20 years on this planet! This past summer, I was lucky enough to see Coldplay, my favorite band live. Whenever I hear a Coldplay song, I am automatically transported back to the 7th grade. This was the year that “Viva La Vida” came out and my amazing orchestra teacher had us play it for our spring concert. It is honestly a moment and a song that I will never forget, because it is the song that made me fall in love with music. I actually still have all of the violin arrangements from this concert, even though it was nine years ago. After playing this song, I realized that I did not have to play the same old classical music on my violin. I could play whatever I wanted to! After this, I began trying to play whatever I heard on the radio on my violin. I would sit in my room for hours, jus trying to play a tune by ear. If it wasn’t for this inspiration and the incredible music teachers I was lucky enough to have in the public schools I attended, I would not be pursuing music today. (save the arts and the public schools yo)

This one goes out to you, Betsy DeVos:


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