You Should Be Loving… The 1975

We can all imagine the insane atmosphere every concert goer experiences while watching their favorite band play live. That thrilling twist of emotions, like you’re riding through corkscrew after corkscrew on your favorite roller coaster. Now, let’s take this and multiply it by ONE THOUSAND, NINE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-FIVE. (Haha get it) That’s right, nothing will be able to top the experience of seeing your favorite band at the most famous arena in the world, Madison Square Garden.

Luckily for me, I don’t have to travel far to get to the Garden. All I need is a $6.50 train ticket to Penn Station, 40 minutes to spare, and a little extra patience for battling people’s luggage for a seat on the train. I attended the show with my older sister and my best friend. It was the second time my sister and I have seen The 1975 perform live. The first time came a little less than a year before the sold out MSG show. I somehow found myself on Jack Antonoff’s guest list for his small music festival in Asbury Park, NJ, which The 1975 were headlining. I couldn’t find anybody to go with me to that show, so I practically begged my sister to come with me. She originally told me she did not like The 1975 or their music, but after watching their performance, she became a fan of the band.

Fast forward to June 1st, 2017, and I’m now seeing the band again in the city that never sleeps. I bought my tickets online a few months before the event and I’m glad I did. The concert ended up being sold out! To me, I could not fathom that I saw this band play the parking lot of the famous NJ venue, The Stone Pony, to a crowd of a few hundred people less than a year ago and now they somehow got to MSG!

We arrived at the venue pretty early and checked out the merch table and found our seats. Being poor college students, we couldn’t afford super expensive tickets, so we sat in section 208. I distinctly remember the section, because I did not end up there for the entire duration of the concert. A nice man who looked like Santa came into our row. Our first instincts were to get up and move so the man could get through to his seat. Instead, he sat next to us and started making small talk with my sister. Suddenly, I see the man pull out some ticket from the pocket of his suit jacket. These were not just any tickets…these were floor seats. The man then escorted us down a stairwell and through the VIP lounge, to our new seats. Now I REALLY couldn’t believe it. I was seeing one of my favorite bands at MSG and I was upgraded to VIP floor seats?! What are the odds?!

The opening act, Pale Waves, came out shortly after we got comfortable in our new seats. I had never seen them before or listened to their music. They did, however, give me serious 80s vibes. If you like bands such as The Cure and The Smiths, then this band is perfect for you! I attached a link to one of their songs below!

Next up, was The 1975. Everyone in the venue was waiting for the moment our favorite floppy-haired lead singer, Matty Healy, would come out with the rest of his band. Finally, the venue went dark and all that was heard were the screams of thousands of people attending the show.

The 1975 put on an amazing set with songs from both the “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it” album and their self-titled album, “The 1975.” Fan favorites, including “Chocolate,” “Love Me,” and “Girls” were played, as well as my personal favorites, “Sex” and “A Change of Heart.” Other songs included beautifully melodic instrumental songs, which were also loved by the crowd. It felt to me as if we were all attending the modern-day equivalency of the symphony. Their instrumental songs were truly gorgeous and featured a different side of the band. The true beauty behind these songs, was that they held the ability to make the crowd feel something, through how each attendee visualized the song in their minds. Everyone was practically having a “ballad between themselves and their brains.”


Another beautiful moment happened when the band broke out “Loving Someone.” The lighting display behind The 1975 was changed to a rainbow flag, showcasing the band’s long-standing support for equality for all. Everywhere you looked in the arena, were different colors reflecting off of everything inside the venue. It was like staring at oil spilled on the hot pavement, after it was cooled down from a summer’s rain. From every perspective, something new could be seen.


The show was closed out by an arena on their feet. Everyone was dancing, singing, and jumping along, as requested by the lead singer, Matty. Now, it was time to file out of the arena, hop on the next train out of Penn Station, and reminisce on a night full of unforgettable memories with your best friends and a band you will always love.


Day 8: 30 Day Music Challenge

I honestly can’t believe it’s day 8 already… it feels like it shouldn’t be. Day 8 is a song you know all the words to. I know all the words to a lot of songs, because I have no life. Since I will be seeing Panic! at the Disco in a week, (insert Brendon Urie screaming gif) I am going to dedicate this one to P!ATD.

When I think of Panic!, I always think of the old stuff off “Pretty. Odd.” I also think of the ballad-like, Frank Sinatra crooning, and horn sections, featured on “Death of a Bachelor.” Pretty cool to see how much this artist has grown, and to be completely honest, I AM LIVING for the new sound. So, in honor of the Death of a Bachelor tour, I am going to go with “LA Devotee,” off the most recent album.

Give this catchy tune a listen: (PS- if you’re a fan of Stranger Things, you’ll really love the music vid!)