Day 3: 30 Day Music Challenge

Not much to say here, because basically all of the music ever makes me happy. So, here’s a song that is currently making me happy, as I listen to it on spotify right now:



Day 5: 30 Day Music Challenge

Well, we’ve made it to day 5! Today’s topic is a song that reminds you of someone.

A song that reminds me of someone, has got to be “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran. This song came out right when I graduated high school. I was fortunate enough to attend a special event with one of my best friends in NYC, about three weeks before graduation, where Ed played a few songs off his new album, before it was released. This is where I first heard “Photograph.” I remember looking at my friend and knowing exactly what was going on in their head. In only a short few weeks, we would be going our separate ways. I was going to school three hours away, my friend was staying back home. We knew everything was going to change. It was scary. We were moving on and realizing friendships and family would no longer be the same. Everything was changing around us, but there was no way to stop it. All we knew is that we had the memories we created with the ones we love, to carry with us forever.

A year later, I was back home from my first year away at college. My friends and I got together and headed to NYC on a 4:30 am train to see Ed Sheeran perform on Good Morning America. Once there, Ed played “Photograph.” It instantly put me back in time to where I was a year ago, thinking about how different things would become in just one short year. It turns out, things really weren’t that different. While the world changes around us, our love and memories of family and friends will always remain the same.

Give it a listen:

Day 2: 30 Day Music Challenge

Today is the big day. Jk, it’s just Sunday and I’m trying to decide whether or not I should leave my apartment with the gross weather outside. Day 2 of the 30 Day Music Challenge, is to add my least favorite song. Now, I really don’t want to answer this question, because we all have our own opinions. We all like what we like and that’s cool. You can’t help that! So, with that said, my least favorite song is: *drum roll*

Honestly, it’s probably “Call Me Maybe.” I can’t listen to it, because I refuse to deal with the never-ending replaying of the catchy tune in my head. Don’t get me wrong though, I did see Carly Rae Jepsen perform this live at a festival in Jersey last summer, and I jammed. Her set gave off serious 80s vibes, so it was pretty hard not to enjoy the infectious tunes.

Anyway, here it is! Enjoy having it stuck in your head for the next week!


Day 1: 30 Day Music Challenge

The first question may seem like the easiest question of them all, but for me, it’s actually the hardest. Asking a person who spends every waking moment searching for new artists to listen to, like it is their job, (if only, am I right?) is basically like asking someone who their favorite Freaks and Geeks character is. It’s practically impossible to choose.

To answer the question, I’ve decided to include my all time favorite song, as well as my current favorite song for this day, February 11, 2017. Odds are pretty high that I will have a different favorite song tomorrow.


For my all time favorite song, I am going to have to go with “Bohemian Rhapsody”, by Queen. It’s practically everybody’s favorite song, but they just don’t realize it. I remember exactly when, where, and how I became obsessed with Queen. I was a 9 year old loser, on a 7 hour drive to New Hampshire for a family vacation. My dad had left a “Queen’s Greatest Hits” CD in the car, which I put into my CD player, as we did back in the day. (2005) Although “Bohemian Rhapsody” was not on this particular CD, I did my fair share of listening to some other iconic Queen songs. I remember making my entire family listen to the disc with me at one point of the road trip. Being the obnoxious 9 year old child I was, I made them put “Bicycle Race” on repeat. It was played so many times, that my sister started crying, because she couldn’t stand to hear the song any longer. (The moment that jumpstarted our sibling rivalry)

My parents proceeded to show me other songs by Queen, including “Bohemian Rhapsody.” I can’t think of a better song to sing with your friends, while driving around. To me, it is the greatest song ever written. Completely genius. The song has the ability to take you on a journey of various genres. It is also one of the very few songs, which does not feature a chorus. Tension is created through various modulations and changes in time signature, leaving the listener consistently guessing what will come next. Of course, we can’t forget about those incredible harmonies. DEAR GOD, FREDDIE!

Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for:




For my current favorite song, I’ve got to go with “Love and Great Buildings,” off of the brand new Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness album, “Zombies On Broadway.” I was just listening to the new album while doing some homework yesterday, and this song really stuck out. I’m not really too sure why, but it probably has something to do with how visual the music is. Just give it a single listen, and see for yourself… literally.


30 Day Music Challenge

Hola… Ciao… Hey… What’s up?

I’ve decided to take on a 30 day music challenge and will be posting the answers to these fascinating music questions over the next 30 days. You all can take part as well! Post your daily answers here or tweet them to me! (@meg_mcdonald_) I love checking out all music, and who knows, maybe we pick the same songs. (I can read minds. *cue Twilight Zone theme song)

Here’s the challenge:



21 Reasons to Attend a Twenty One Pilots Show

  1. You meet some amazing people while waiting for the doors to open! (It makes the endless wait a little more bearable.) jzc9UkS.gif
  2. Awesome merch (Yes, they sell socks. The epitome of cool.) giphy.gif
  3. The opening acts (aka Judah and the Lion and Jon Bellion) tumblr_lgqwsbEa891qfjmnk.gif
  4. Recreating iconic Tyler and Josh photos guess-the-song-twenty-one-pilots-edition-02.jpg
  5. Making bets with your friends, based on what time you think each act will come out raw.gif
  6. That little buzzing noise you seemingly can’t escape, before TØP hit that stage d33578f62746935184d3ee9395744841.gif
  7. Still… that darn buzzing noise is going off. I JUST WANT TYLER AND JOSH!!! What-Is-Going-On-Selena-Gomez-Gif.gif
  8. That exhilarating moment when the arena goes dark and you know the moment you’ve been waiting for is about to happen          url.jpg
  9. When the curtain drops and you see Tyler and Josh for the first time (Yes they are real. Yes, they do exist)              raw.gif
  10. Josh Dun (IN THE FLESH)    what-is-air-colbert.gif
  11. Tyler Joseph (IN THE FLESH)     what-is-air-colbert.gif
  12. Having friends to be in complete shock with (I promise pals, this IS real life)   url.jpg
  13. The mini heart attack you get seconds before Josh does his backflip off the piano (It is my motherly instinct to protect the precious drummer. I gotchu, Tyler)      url-2.jpg
  14. Watching Tyler gracefully jump off the piano, as if he has been a classically trained ballerina for the past 20 years     tenor.gif
  15. Those little moments when the lyrics hit you, and every work resonates with who you are, or were at one point in your life   gFMhf.gif
  16. Having a safe place to share incredible music with others
  17. Tyler and his uke ( you might already play six instruments, like me, but they will make you want to pick up another one)    tumblr_mzq70qwLuD1qegu3bo1_500.gif
  18. The Josh Dun vs. Josh Dun drum battle (It’s literally mind blowing!)   tumblr_ninb2vQnSj1u72t11o1_500.gif
  19. Screaming the lyrics so loud that you wake up in the morning sounding like an 80 year old, named Martha, who smokes 6 packs a day    url.jpg
  20. Those special moments, when you take in what is happening and get chills  url-2.jpg
  21. And finally, because nothing will be able to TØP this!   url-1.jpg

Monthly Spotify Update (Jan 2017)


Since it’s the first month of the new, hopefully better year, (2016 didn’t actually happen. Just letting you know that now.) here’s a look at my January playlist on Spotify. Some of the artists I’ve been listening to, to kick off the new year include the usual vets, such as The Strokes and Vampire Weekend, but stretch out to some newer artists who are going to make your 2017 a year you want to remember. (*cough cough* 2016) Some newer artists I’ve been obsessed with over the course of about the first two weeks of the year include Glass Animals, Car Seat Headrest, and SWMRS. Glass Animals 2016 record includes 11 different songs, all surrounding the stories of different humans you meet throughout life. It really gives you a look into the minds of others and gives you a sense of how it feels to be a particular person, and act a certain way. Car Seat Headrest, I literally discovered today. They seem cool and have a pretty interesting name that can’t help but make me think of a Toyota commercial. Lastly, SWMRS has some of the most catchy tunes I’ve ever heard. Don’t let the missing vowels fool you, because there is nothing missing in this band’s music! I’ve been listening to them for about a week and already have most songs off the latest record memorized. Each song is sure to be stuck in your head! Lastly, I can’t forget to include the two newest singles from my favorite singer/songwriter, Ed Sheeran. The earworms are bound to hold your (un)divided attention.

More music will be added throughout the month, so check out the playlist while it’s hot!

Playlist Link:

Spotify Username: megan102596 (follow for similar playlists each month and check out this past year’s playlists too!)